Kari + Sune

qstudio_kari_sune29Kari & Sune contacted me just about a month before their wedding. They had been planning a larger affair, but due to a shift in companies, had to take advantage of an upcoming scheduled vacation to St Croix. This turned out to be a magical change in plans as they had actually met as part of a turn-around flight crew with St Croix as the destination … so St Croix was already a part of their personal history. They traveled down with a handful of close family and friends and I was thrilled to be a part of their fairy-tale destination wedding. Sune, originally from Denmark, had family attend from Europe. The Virgin Islands has a strong Danish influence having been a Danish colony until 1917. We were able to arrange a walking tour of historic Christiansted for them, narrated in Danish. The bride and groom are intrepid adventurers, so we arranged a special horse-back riding tour of the West End for them and the rest of their guests.  ♥


 images: Q Studio LLC

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